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Sudakara Art is thrilled to unveil “HEART VOICE,” a
groundbreaking collective exhibition that spotlights the innovative works of eight distinguished
painters. This exhibition, which runs from May 6 to July 31, 2024, promises to be a cornerstone event for both the local and international art scenes.

Sudakara Art will showcase a compelling array of pieces from 8 artists, Asta Rupa, including Agnes
Yulinawati, Ida Bagus Alit, I Gede Putra Udiyana, I Ketut Darsana, Irawan Boma, Ipphing Liem, Mira
Boma, and Eiji Sawada. With over 20 unique works on display, “HEART VOICE” serves as a vibrant
platform for these artists to echo their innermost expressions through the medium of paint.

“HEART VOICE” extends an open invitation to art lovers and the general public to immerse themselves in Bali’s dynamic contemporary art landscape. Sudakara ArtSpace remains at the vanguard of promoting and nurturing artistic talent, solidifying its status as a premier hub for art appreciation and cultural dialogue.

“We are profoundly honored to host these eight exceptional talents, who were meticulously selected to represent both the artistic ethos of our Resort and Gallery and the broader art scene,” expressed Ricky Putra, COO of Sudamala Resort. “This exhibition not only underscores our commitment to fostering emerging local talent but also highlights art as a fundamental pillar of Sudamala Resort’s identity.”

Located at the Sudamala Resort in Sanur, Bali, Sudakara ArtSpace is the island’s leading contemporary art venue. As a professionally-curated gallery, it regularly features exhibitions that bridge cultures and showcase a diverse range of artistic expressions from both local and international artists.

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