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Manus, a Conscious Journey

Manus is a latin word first used in 1867 which means the distal segment of the vertebrate forelimb from carpus to terminus, in other words, the hand. In scientific discourse, it is often said that the human opposable thumb is what has taken us on a course of evolution very different from other animals. So, Manus is contextualised here as a symbolic representation of the question.. What makes us human?

With this intention in mind, we invite you to join us through our collaborative process, on a journey we made together, reflecting on the micro and macro whilst following our wandering minds along many detours. Yet, we found the process itself and our experience together, may be said to carry the answer to the unanswerable question.

In other words, in the process of this collaboration, our effort, this seemingly pointless endeavour to create, to connect, to express, to empathise, to understand, to analyse.. to love and be excited, to drive and generously give… so much of all those simple things, does not explain, but it reveals.. the unique aspects of our humanity.

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